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Wednesday, October 16, 2013ev
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    Welcome to my website!
       How might a woman approach Thelema?
        Was Crowley a prophet or merely an inspired madman?
        What is the meaning of magick in everyday life?
        Can feminism be spiritual?
        Is Thelema doomed to patriarchal influences and dogmatism?
         These and other questions are things I have wondered about. According to postmodernism, there is no such thing as truth, and no need to examine the influences of the institutions which condition us into obedience and socialize us into gender roles. Occultists who claim to seek truth but hold onto postmodernism, or progressive leftist politics, will twist or deny truths outright in order to fabricate “empowering” values for convenience. We cannot progress if we do not give up these socially constructed “truths” of convenience and venture into the  unknown. Doing this is bound to make many people feel offended, as does anything that takes us out of our comfort zone, but it also encourages us to keep asking questions and keep discovering. And it seems now that wherever one turns, there is some hybrid form of Thelema: Thelemic Voodoo, Tantric Thelema, Thelemic Satanism, etc. So some people are trying to arbitrarily re-invent the wheel, and nitpick or water-down Thelema.
Yet Thelema is already supposed to be syncretic – no cherry-picking needed. And as Thelemites we are free to explore any practice we wish as long as our creed remains Do what thou wilt. This ensures compatibility as well as discouraging the exclusion of other Thelemites based on ideological or theological differences.
What is also happening is that there is an awful lot of misogyny in Thelemic circles, perpetrated by both men and women alike. The thing is that they are not so equally responsible since these circles are majority men. Women may get lip-service if they hold some superficial position of power, but they aren’t known as soothsayers/prophetesses and are certainly not seen as independent of men and heterosexist constructs. Finally, there is the hypocrisy of proclaiming to believe certain things politically while revealing to be and behaving the complete opposite in spirituality. Instead of holding people responsible for abuses of power and harmful behavior, Thelemites are apologetic. It starts with talking about how Crowley was a “man of his time,” but really, isn’t spirituality/witchcraft/magick supposed to not only help you with materialistic success, but to be a better person? How could he have possibly been in such a spiritually advanced position (not exaggerated) and have insights into sex magick without being better than a sadomasochist and misogynist? This speaks to me of a lack of integrity as a result of dishonesty, denial and enablement. We cannot allow for these things to be swept under the rug as collateral damage for gaining any sort of perceived or materialistic benefits from associating with sexists and abusers.
    I have had personal experiences with the religious garments of Catholicism, Protestant Baptism, Wicca, and Islam. Then there were my alternative lifestyles of polyamory and kink. These experiences have informed me a great deal as much as I was able to be honest with and critique them. My first foray into the occult was at age 18 when I began reading about the Golden Dawn and Qabalah. At age 19 I joined one A.’.A.’. lineage and my instructional period lasted several years. More background information, and site inspiration, here.
 Essentially, I want to know about things in Thelema purely by women, for women – including the Scarlet Women that worked with Crowley, and any female magickians in the Golden Dawn or A.’.A.’.
 When I set upon this path, I discovered I was not alone; a number of women are speaking out and making their voices heard regarding the rebellion against male supremacy, the realms of religion and spirituality being among them. They refuse to be silenced into submission, masochism and accepting the patriarchy draining them of energy, sexuality and resources. Mary Daly is probably one of the best-known radical feminist theologians (she also calls herself a witch), and she and other women opened my eyes to its spirituality, including Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, Lierre Keith, and Sheila Jeffreys, as well as feminist magicians and witches such as Brandy Williams (who is both).
Hence, my female-centric approach to Thelema I feel is best handled from a view of feminist, ecological and anarchist persuasions. I realize a feminist Thelemite is a rare thing: the tendency for women is to either be a feminist reformer of some major organized religion, or to be a feminist pagan or Dianic Wiccan. Nonetheless, I will include relevant writings by feminists and pagans, and also pro-feminist men. I am also highly interested in mythology as metaphors for the human experience, particularly the idealization/demonization of women.
Most of the writings on this site will be exploring this approach. Currently, I am with another A.’.A.’. lineage.
Ready to leave a nasty comment? Gunning to correct me? Read the Disclaimer first.
Love is the law, love under will.
Dente lupus, cornu taurus petit.
There can be no truth without the inclusion of women.
ca October 2009ev Soror DLCTP
email me:  fortheloveofzina @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

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  1. Peter Alexander Vaughn says:

    Is the Welcome to Paradox poetry site also you? Wonderful words.

  2. I think about Thelema every time an Audi with “93” on it’s ass-end drives past me….

  3. Sam Webster says:

    Draw your sword, Madam, your aim is true.
    (You might consider removing Crowley from Thelema. We have no evidence he understood it)

    • Heretic says:

      It’s not in my power to remove Crowley from Thelema, but I *can* keep deconstructing his thought, and his being dead certainly helps 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. 93!

  4. Hi! I just found you on Tumblr, I have visit your sites and it has been a nice surprise, your writings and posts are inspiring. I also manage a blog about ancient civilizations, history and myths, but is in my mother language :/
    Anyway you are welcome if you want to follow me back at tumblr (krateasteropi) or if you want to check out my blog: http://www.miloniros.blogspot.com
    Sorry for my english and if you consider unapropiated my comment here, I couldn´t find any email to do it more privately.
    Greetings from Spain 🙂

    • Heretic says:

      No hay problema, yo hablo español también 🙂
      Gracias por visitar a mi sitio y bienvenida. Te agregué en tumblr con mi nombre de usuario (yoursocialconstructsareshowing). Saludos

  5. I don’t think I ever told you this, but thank you for adding Likes to my posts. I always like seeing them on my notices. I know someone’s reading! (this is a silly thought because I already know how many hits I get, and that people read my entries, but it certainly personalizes it)

  6. I love your articles. So much common sense and so much passion as well- I also have a feminist blog and I have dealt with some of the anti feminists and misogynists who infiltrated the occult and I’d love to learn more.

  7. 93 Soror! I look forward to reading what you have to say on these subjects.

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