Writings & Post archive

Conceptualizing an inner sanctuary

These 4 writings below were originally written in 2012 and I have since revised them.
The Powers of the Sphinx
The below is one large essay (also originally written a few years ago) being revised and divided into separate parts as I go along completing them.

Commentary on the rituals: Part I: Introduction and The Temple – Part II: Resh – Part III: The Star Ruby – Part IV: Reguli – Part V: The Thelemic Middle Pillar – Part VI: The Magickal Diary

On the holy books

Liber 231 skryings (incomplete)

Deconstructing Thelemic patriarchy

Misogyny in Crowley’s writings and the occult

Thelemic misogynists: part 1: Introduction – part 2: A Summary of Events – part 3: Evidence and Commentary

Lesbian sex magick? Where?


Astral Attack and Defense by Marcelo Ramos Motta, translated by me and edited by Paul Rovelli

Can one be an atheist magickian?

Watchers of the Dawn is bogus

Face-shifting abusive men

Difference between witchcraft and ceremonial magick

Methods of creating a sigil

The fire-god, fish, and child sacrifice

Astral projection, skrying, and lucid dreaming

Marcelo Motta plagiarized Dion Fortune

Pagan churches & Rewilding witchcraft

9/1 Update

Othering women through language

Random thoughts on energy, healing, astrology, and proof of magick

What is an egregore? (various)

Mythological beings

10/3 Update

Racism & Cultural Appropriation (various)

A comic (relevant to magick, perhaps?)

Commented articles/book excerpts/videos/etc.

Value deluded & Solipsistic smackdown

Why I think Jesus didn’t exist

The Freudian myth in the sexual contract

Audre Lorde reads Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power

Spiritual Bypassing & How Open Compassion Can Close Down Healing

Fascinating female occultists

Sword of Power & Beyond Prostitution: The Sexual Priestess As Priestess

Shamanism and schizophrenia

Matriarchies existed (and still exist!)

Goetia magick: Conjuring spirits of Taurus

A hoodoo cleansing incense

Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenom: A Personal Account of Sexual Harassment

On the ego in Buddhism

Reblogged posts/articles/videos

Easter is not named after Ishtar, and other trusts I have to tell you

How do you own mindfulness?

Am I suffering?

Complications and confusions in discussions of the Goddess

Herstories: Women in mythos

The Helix and the Xiphoid

Origins of the word ‘cunt’

Whores as the Other

The true self, seat of love

Jason Colavito on: the monsters have turned heroes

Ancient aliens (and a defense of mythology)

New Age is bunk: in 3 minutes


Women are not actually human beings, but profound metaphors

Woman as Victim: Story of O by Andrea Dworkin

Prostitution and the logic of human sacrifice

Excerpts from The Woman Magician: Star Ruby and Gnostic Mass

Another commentary on the Gnostic Mass

Pushing the Envelope & Goliath videos

Excerpts from The Woman Magician: Why woman magicians?

Speaking as woman (various)

Evaluating our teachers, & We are our own authorities

“He was a man of his times” & How to be a dishonest anti-intellectual cheat

Russell Means talks about matriarchy

Religion and social justice (various)

SIGNAL BOOST: Freedom of religion is not free

Mute Calm and the Circe Complex

Lolo Bromios: The meaning behind MaryAnn the maenad’s creepy chant in True Blood

A short discussion on death omens and black smoke

Theories of iron, or: why use daggers against spirits?

Essentialism Reconsidered by Carol P. Christ

Excerpts from The Woman Magician: Science and Academia

The Demonic Feminine

Intercourse Effects on Root and Sacral Chakras

A List of Things In Literature, Music and Art That Are Actually Metaphors for Women

The Witch’s Hat

The Archetype of Woman As Redemptress: Psychodynamic, Literary and Patriarchal Aspects

Three Wise Women Speak or Kledonomancy on Steroids

The Rape of Babalon


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