These are all my translations, with the exception of Astral Attack & Defense in Spanish.

into English

Astral Attack and Defense by Marcelo Ramos Motta, translated by me and edited by Paul Rovelli

4/20/14: Please note, I have uploaded the newest version revised by me due to Paul Rovelli not having entered in my very last proofreading of chapters 1-3.  Fun fact: The organization known as HOOR had come out with their own translation as soon as they got wind that we were doing it, except ours is absolutely free.

into Spanish

Liber Immortalitas by Paul Rovelli

Sexual Polarity in Magick by Paul Rovelli

The Emotional Plague, The Feminine Mystique and the Manipulated Man by Paul Rovelli

The Science of Religion by Paul Rovelli

Ataque y Defensa Astral

(original Ataque e Defesa Astral – Portuguese)


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