Paul Rovelli

The Unfortunate Case of Paul Joseph Rovelli:  (Don’t Let This Happen
to You) A Commentary

By Frater Alamantra c.2002

“Here I come; look at me now I’m a smooth operator, I’m a mood
elevator. They always said I would be nothing but a fish-head …but
look at me now ”

Fish Head by Adrian Belew

I first began corresponding with Paul Rovelli on an egroup called the
Unaffiliated Thelemites forum on December 9, 2001. The discussion was
a thread called “for the record.” The gist of my point may be summed
up in the following quote from those initial correspondences:

“I think that what you have said leads to a very important
realization and it is one that the entire magical paradigm could
benefit from …but most likely won’t. Magicians don’t NEED
followers. They need co-researchers. Your statement is also quite
correct in that it is the “unconscious” that we are seeking to
explore to a large degree …and even more importantly,
its “relationship” with the phenomena that arises through our
workings with it. This sociological binder is also a blinder. Of
course, as you imply throughout your posting, Awareness can mitigate
this to a great degree.”

His response: “Of course, I completely agree with you here…”

How could I have seen, at that time, what would become a point of
contention that has escalated to such a degree as to compel me to
write this essay?

My initial interview continued: “..since the relationship with the
egregor is a “shared” or symbiotic experience, these realizations
(especially by a magician) should tend to modify the egregor itself.
Of course, I do realize that, in practice, 7 times out of 10 what is
met is a great resistance to such a change. It would seem in some
cases that what is defined as an egregor isn’t, but a carefully
controlled pyramid fed on the endeavors of its blindsided
constituents. The group or lodge … can be an effective tool as long
as it is structured along the most general principles and as long as
its constitution is followed rather than just used as a convenience.”

To which he replied, “More importantly, before a wholesome lodge can
operate without such dysfunction, it must be comprised of
Adepts…those who are no longer sleeping animals…but fully human.
Neophytes really should not only associate with the lodge, but
shouldn’t associate with each other…a little knowledge is almost
always a dangerous thing.”

Our discussion continued but, by December 19th, we had already
seemingly reached an impasse and Paul was beginning to decide to
break contact with the following statement, which I’m sure, in the
light of his previous reply, may bewilder the reader as to why this
man thinks he is qualified to run a magical body:

“Hi Alamantra,
I have a real difficulty in people trying to test me on whether or
not I am
this or that. I put my comments out with good faith.
But I can no longer respond nor could I continue reading your message
your testing attitude…nor could I read your message as apparently
you have
ways to tell whether one is a true adept or not.
I am not an adept; nor do I presume to be…nor do I believe I have
ever met one.
Under the conditions with which you need to set up in reading what I
I’m afraid, I can’t muster up.  With that, I’ll wish you luck in your
and terminate our correspondence.

So, in his view, he seems to feel that in order to have a wholesome
magical lodge that is not dysfunctional, it must be comprised of
Adepts, but he is not one, nor does he presume to be. There are other
themes that can be developed over the course of this essay: “…I’m
afraid, I can’t muster up.” and yet he would be so outspoken as to
his own superiority later on. In fact, in his introductory message on
his “Therionic Gnosticism” discussion group, he called himself, “the
Gnostic Beast” and that “evilest man since Crowley”

Further, he continuously quotes Jonathan Swift to allude to himself
as a man of such rare genius that any who might not approve of
his “unique world view” as belonging to a “confederacy of dunces”
conspiring against him:

Found on several of his websites: “When a true genius appears in this
world you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in
confederacy against him.”
— Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

There is a great irony in all of this. Before our dialogue finally
ended, the following June, with my signature on the now infamous
Rovelli Censure, I witnessed a man who wanted to be a magician, who
wanted to be a seen as a leader and a teacher but yet seemed so full
of inner turmoil that he could not bring himself to face the truths
which he, initially, seemed to understand so well, at least on the
intellectual level. Whether this was due to an emotional or some
other psychological deficit, I an not qualified ascertain. Yet, over
the months, as our dialogue continued I started to realize more and
more that I was dealing with a person who would apply one standard
for himself and a different one to everyone else. He claimed that he
maintained an expectation of decorum and intellectual rigor in his
own study groups:

2/20/02 6:45 PM RE: [Therionic Gnosticism] Rovelli’s Dianoesis

Paul Rovelli: “A certain level  of decorum is expected and ardently
insisted upon.  With the quality of people we have, this kind of
incident should be extremely rare.  And I gave *********  two solid
warnings…it’s expected that people should be of an emotional
caliber that this should’ve been more than enough.  And there were
compounds to this of several tactical fallacies and an overall nasty
demeanor that was deliberated quite deeply before I decided to act.”

…And yet, dear reader, I am almost reluctant to present this
example of his own sense of decorum and emotional self control:

06/12/02 10:41 AM

Paul Rovelli: “93
You limp dicks, c’mon…it’s me against all of you and your
go…how come you’re not hitting me harder?!
I want to be more spiritual…oh I got it, the ladies are tending to
yeast infections…and the men are cleaning the gonorrhea of their
pee pees.
Am I spiritual yet?

Throughout some of our correspondence, I was outlining some of my
ideas concerning the concept of Thelemic fellowship:

12/18/01: Alamantra: “This would give the disenfranchised and the
flat-out victimized another forum with which to speak out.”

To which he replied: “I’m not interested in giving the victimized a
chance to speak out.  That’s just politics…(yawn).  And I won’t be
in fellowship with any of those cults…nor any of their members.”

Of course, now that he feels that the Censure and Rovelli award,
which others and myself feel he so heartily earned, has damaged
his “reputation” and caused him to feel victimized, he founded a
forum called CANT. Its purpose “To this end, this group is for
victims of these so-called Thelemic orders that have had to endure
the ruthless tactics of those who would seek to enslave the souls of
others whom choose an individualist path.” Of course, when one looks
over the archives what they find is the lamentations of …Paul
Rovelli.  I should add, that the more one looks over these postings,
the more one finds documented the efforts made to censor any attempt
to put out an opinion that offended Mr Rovelli, and no effort was
spared on his part. Mr Rovelli and his cronies contacted the FBI,
they contacted every ISP host that was associated with his Censure

Mr Rovelli felt that this action was unfair and unjustified on this
particular occasion, yet I seem to recall while being a member in his
Therionic Gnosticism discussion group that he felt so justified in
his attitudes that he confidently stated:

Re: [Therionic Gnosticism] Rovelli’s Dionesis: 02/20/02 6:45 PM

Paul Rovelli: “I would take the petition of any quorum if I should
seem out of line.”

Well, many did feel he was out of line. Since Sept 11, 2001 Mr
Rovelli had been posting diatribes filled with anger and hatred when
the nature of the forums suggested the inappropriateness of such
statements. He advocated killing Muslims, Jews, and Christians. He
published his now infamous song: “50 Ways to kill a Muslim”, and this
was met with great disapproval by those of us who feel that one of
the key aspects to individuation is a sense of tolerance and a
recognition that our own well-being is inextricably bound with the
well-being of others. In the Golden Dawn work “On the General
Guidance And Purification of the Soul” it is stated, and for very
good reason:

“In true religion there is no sect. Therefore take heed that thou
blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God for it thou
doest this thing in Jupiter, thou wilt blaspheme YHVH; and in Osiris

In the “Thelemic paradigm”, of which Mr Rovelli claims to be a part,
this sentiment is repeated in the Book of Balances.

Further, Mr Rovelli has stated publically on numerous occasions that
he is a Master Mason and so, based on that fact alone, should have
known better if this is indeed true.

Still, this writer sees this behavior as part of a larger pattern
that suggests that, rather than the assimilation of all things which
is part and parcel of the historical role of the Magi, Mr Rovelli had
long been in a continuous process of isolation:

—–Original Message—–
From: Paul Joseph Rovelli [mailto:zephy…]
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2002 4:21 AM
To: Therionic_…
Subject: Re: [Therionic_Gnosticism] Fwd: A Challenge
“For those concerned…if you want to know how ‘evil’ I am, contact
David Bersson and the SOTO
Ray Eales, Marc Cohen, John Sorrentino, Rick Reid, Dominick Bruno, and
Dominick (can’t remember his last name), Lynn Cerritto, Karen Hahn,
David Stein and HOOR
Bill Breeze, Jim Wasserman, David R. Jones of COTO
David Cherubim of TOGD
You’ll find it easy to learn all about my ‘evil’ misdeeds on these
The three cults mentioned above, do not stand alone, various lineages
the A.’.A.’. will also tell you much:
COTO’s lineage, contact Martin Starr in one part of the lineage, the
Cornelius’ in another and of course, the College and Temple of Thelema
SOTO’s lineage, contact David Bersson; make sure you read his failed
Probationer list on his website.
HOOR’s lineage…all the names mentioned above
Oh and please, if you’re disposed to wanting to help save the world,
contact them right away then go out and spread the gospel.  In this
you’ll quickly quit this list, or quit being my student or a student
one of my students.  This is really a great favor that I would ask of
you as it will save me and others, time and money.  So the sooner
at it the better.
Here is a description that he provides for himself in yet another

From Frater Zephyros: (Paul Rovelli)

Pariah of Thelemites and non-Thelemites alike;
especially the Jesus lovers on Gnostics Millenium.
Well, I’m just glad you can talk about Jesus so
easily now.
Drop kick me Jesus, through the field goals of life.

Many people just got to the point where they were sick and tired of
listening to this nonsense …this lack of restraint and basic good
manners, the constant diatribes of hate-filled rhetoric and generally
caustic demeanor. Eventually, after it looked as if this would never
abate, several took it upon themselves to issue a censure and sign it
so as to make a statement of their own disdain of this kind of
behavior being something that is associated with their own interest.
Has he been able to let it go and move on? No, it seems to have given
him a renewed sense of purpose …a validation, if you will. His most
recent missive attempts to associate those, who simply got tired of
finding their email full of the venom his words reflected,
as “satanists” and gossip mongers, whereas in the final analysis of
things, these are his thoughts and words and so reflect his own

When the censure was issued, it was as if a giant cyst had burst and
all of the poison was coming to the surface. As people released the
worst of the product of their interactions with Mr Rovelli, some of
us may not have shown our best side, and we must realize, for the
sake of our own growth the shadows of our own being, so that we may
release them and move ever toward the light. Some were able to turn
their disdain towards imaginitive, playful and creative ends. See
the “spoof art” to the left of this tale, while others, who had
perhaps been more deeply injured by Mr Rovelli’s unkindness lashed
out in more destructive ways. Still, it would seem that time is
healing even these wounds and this writer is pleased to be able to
observe that this has, for the most part, ceased.

In closing, I would like to add my own opinion that I find it
disheartening to see someone who might have really amounted to
something at one time be so consumed with what appears to me to be an
insatiable self-loathing, and hope that perhaps one day something
might intervene in Mr Rovelli’s life to provide him with some genuine
comfort and hope and maybe give him a brighter outlook. Yet, in the
end, I must do my own work and so must leave this alone at this time.
This has to be my final statement on the unfortunate case of Paul
Joseph Rovelli.

“Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my
friend. I have always thought that its a crime so I will ask you once
again…. Think of what I’m saying: You can get it wrong and still
you think that its alright. Think of what you’re saying …We can
work it out and get it straight or say goodnight.” The Beatles

Alamantra 11/21/2002


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