“Keep Silent!”

“They castrate you with their apathy. And I know, this is why my work seems so incredibly distasteful to some. Like I’m this hysteric, this attention-whore. Fools. The more emotionless you are in the face of my anger, the more angry I will be. The more silent your front, the more effective my shout. […]

Everyone is so used to creepy behaviour and scared women and abusive relationships that no one fucking cared. But suddenly I say rape, and we’re all a-tizzy, saying I’m being unfair to the order, and must seek justice through the legal system, or get stuffed. To everyone who has asked “why no criminal charges, eh?”: do you know anyone who has endured an abusive relationship? Marital rape? Ask them. In fact, if really you struggle with this question, just go find some women that don’t come from your immediate social group or background to talk to for an hour or two.

It also strikes me as very weird, this dismissal to a higher authority. I thought we were magicians? I’m not saying for one moment that we should operate outside of the law. But to use the law as an excuse for not making a moral judgement within our community seems like the weirdest kind of cop out—more than that, it strikes me unpleasantly like giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s—like if the law were not there, then they wouldn’t care at all. Because Do What Thou Wilt, right? We thelemites need to take a lesson from Kant. Ethics are not something extraneous to our work, and magicians don’t get to make ethical cop-outs.[…]

In this New Aeon of Justice, we must come to Understand that it is only by doing right by the Other that we can do right by ourselves. It is not that we must transcend the Christian ethic, but that we must come to a new understanding of why. Not because some father god commands obedience, or because we are threatened with hell thereafter but because here, on this earth, there is nothing so hellish as the man without love, and nothing so heavenly as Love under Will.

And this is the really fucked up thing about advanced magicians preying on new initiates. They are in a position of power. They have abilities. They must use them responsibly. If they do not, and we allow such to continue because there isn’t anyone else for the job, or they haven’t done anything too bad yet, or their charisma is effective for getting new initiates (the same charisma which gets the new girl into bed, and convinces her nothing is amiss) then how are we any different to the infamous fucking Black Lodges?”

-from “Keep Silent!” @ Thelemic Union

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