Why incense?

– The sensory stimulation; as one of the 6 senses, it’s good to stimulate as many as possible at one time.

– It can represent the element of Air

– It’s motivational. You know how the smell of food cooking brings you to the kitchen? Similarly, incense brings you to the temple.

– It’s a sacrifice that doesn’t involve bloodshed. cf. Liber AL chI v59:

My incense is of resinous woods & gums; and there is no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity.

– You can tailor it for your specific ritual purpose. cf. Liber 777. And it’s not like there’s only ever one incense for a correspondence.

Finally, you can resort to herbal ‘cigarettes’ as a cheap way of utilizing what you already have in your kitchen pantry!


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female artist knitter bookworm 34 years old bisexual spiritual atheist 420 friendly traveler occasional poet i have 3 blogs - 1 for poetry, 1 for politics and 1 for spirituality. anything else you want to know, take the time to get to know me and ask. concern trolls need not apply.
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