Do women sexually tempt men?

Not that I haven’t gone into this topic in other posts, but I want to bring up this sexist crap from Star of Seshat’s post,”The art of seduction,” where she mentions child prostitution in Cuba juxtaposed with lines like the following:

She claimed that any woman could play the art of seduction and be sexy … she looked down at herself and said, “I choose to be classy.” And I thought, “Just because you’re wearing trousers doesn’t make you classy.”

Wow. Nice virgin-whore dichotomy there. And what definition of “sexy”? The standard of conventional attractiveness, of course. And classy? For Westerners, it is not prudish, but not slutty or whorish, either – some arbitrary in-between state.

The flirting seduction game will work until the guy wants you to follow through and calls you a cock-tease (at best) for not giving him what all your actions have promised him.

Needless to say, I am far from impressed just because this comes from a Thelemite. It may as well have come from the 5th Satanic rule of the earth which ridiculously mentions being “given the mating signal” (what?) This is the same kind of logic that gets children blamed for pedophilia and women blamed for rape, that portrays men as sex-beasts who just can’t control themselves. See also: Muslims, Christians and Jews who consider the woman’s body a sex object, one that must be covered up. In Western secular countries, we are still susceptible to such thinking. As Peter Grey writes,

“Our culture is hardwired with a Christian value system. Even if, like myself, you have never been a believer your mindset will still be shot through with this morality. Our deepest drives are distorted by an internal censor. Whether this is a bearded man sat on a cloud, or a sense of vague guilt will depend on your individual programming. Face up to it. Even if you are enlightened enough to be nodding along with what I’m saying you still have fetters on your freedom that have not yet been struck.”

Women’s bodies – or should I say, female bodies in general (regardless of age) – don’t “promise” shit, certainly not for simply existing.


I can’t believe this even needs to be said. If a man is in doubt, then stop pursuing her. He has nobody to blame but himself, and women are not responsible for what men do to them any more than an abuse victim provokes their abuser.

Ultimately, it is embarrassing when I see Thelemites perpetuating this crap. I thought I left it behind with the Abrahamic religions. The people who benefit from it are those who’ve lived lives relatively free from sexual harassment and violence, and those who perpetrate sexual violence. It is just one example of harmful conditioning one needs to critically analyze and unpack in their spiritual journey.


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