The concept of fraternity (various), relevant to so-called ‘fraternal orders’

from The Sexual Contract by Carole Pateman

“Prostitutes are readily available at all levels of the market for any man who can afford one, and they are frequently provided as part of business, political, and diplomatic transactions.[…]

The story is about heterosexual relations – but it also tells of the creation of a fraternity and their contractual relations. Relations between members of the fraternity lie outside the scope of my present discussion, but as Marilyn Frye has noted, “there is a sort of ‘incest taboo’ built into standard masculinity.” The taboo is necessary; within the bonds of fraternity, there is always a temptation to make the relation more than that of fellowship. But if members of the brotherhood extended their contracts, if they contracted for sexual use of bodies among themselves, the competition could shake the foundations of the original contract. From the standpoint of contract, the prohibition against this particular exercise of the law of male sex right is purely arbitrary, and the fervor with which it is maintained by men themselves is incomprehensible. The story of the original creation of modern patriarchy helps lessen the incomprehension.

[…]The prostitution contract is a contract with a woman and, therefore, cannot be the same as the employment contract, a contract between men.”

– from “What’s Wrong with Prostitution?” by Carole Pateman

– from “Prostitution and Male Supremacy” by Andrea Dworkin


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