What does it mean to “fail the A.’.A.’.,” anyway?

‘The purpose of the A.’.A.’. is to fortify the unfit and eliminate the unfit.’

Looking at this quote, I immediately realize it is not true for many lineages. It’s good in theory, but doesn’t work out so well in practice. There are many reasons why someone could ‘fail’ an A.’.A.’. lineage.

Paul Joseph Rovelli, for example, has a long history of joining various groups only to fail them. He then proceeded to publish documents from them. Does that mean his experiences were completely useless? Quite the opposite. As for ‘not needing teachers’ I’d say he used them for his convenience. If he didn’t need teachers he wouldn’t have continued to take them on. What then?

Another habit of his is to gossip about failed A.’.A.’. students of whatever grade level. Like me, for example. And all because I rightly pointed out that he was/is a misogynist. What right does he have to do so? Look at his own history. If it was okay for him to be failed under abusive teachers, then there is no reason why my experience is no less valid. Wording it as ‘failing the A.’.A.’.’ does not take into account situations where students are failed by teachers. You know, when it’s not their fault. After all, teachers have power over students. It’s a hierarchy. The one deciding the student should be failed is just that, one person. Not a consensus.

Abusive situations can exist for A.’.A.’. students in their lives as well, which can account for failure. Things like having privacy enough to do rituals and being financially stable enough to afford the sometimes-expensive ritual items are important. It is a well-documented phenomenon that being abused leads to neuroses and disorders like ptsd or c-ptsd. Yet so may times I have witnessed people – especially women – being dismissed by A.’.A.’. teachers as ‘crazy’ and ‘needing help.’ How conveniently they forget that Probationers are highly recommended to undergo one year of therapy in order to understand psychoanalysis! If somehow A.’.A.’. students must be completely mentally healthy (whatever that means, anyway) or at least middle-class (if not rich), then I’m not seeing such a requirement ever explicitly made. Otherwise, they can just admit they wish to continue a la Crowley and pander to wealthy, white males – males who express narcissistic and sociopathic values with which to abuse their students.

If all it takes is missing the due date for the minimum one letter per month, then what about the exceptions – which I know have been made – for students who are late? Or does it not matter when they are no longer directly under you? Or when they are women and therefore seen as non-essential to the lineage? Or they are childfree? I can tell you that exceptions to the monthly letter have been made for male students.

A student keeps a magickal journal, which can their most intimate thoughts, and the most personal details of themselves and their lives. Unfortunately, there is no agreed-upon standard for a magickal journal, e.g. exactly what details to include. This is a treasure-trove for voyeurs and others who do not respect boundaries of privacy. If per Liber AL ch3 v41: “Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well and with business way.” then why is there no confidentiality agreement, like with therapists for their clients? And per v42: “Refuse none, but thou shalt know & destroy the traitors.” then how are the traitors destroyed when they happen to be teachers? I don’t recall signing anything that agreed the teacher was free of accountability just for giving knowledge or instruction. The confidentiality agreement would not need to be legally binding, but could be used if the teacher did something that was illegal. Why do therapists have more ethics than a spiritual instructor?

Finally, it goes without saying that if you fail one lineage, you can always join another. Then it becomes a matter of arguing about which lineages are authentic, which is another subject altogether. It’s not ‘the A.’.A.’.’ we are talking about, here. The A.’.A.’. is a spiritual tradition which answers to no one; it has no leader.

So when someone says such-and-such failed the A.’.A.’., acting like it’s some huge tragedy, they don’t know what they are talking about. More information is needed, such as,”What lineage?” and “How were they failed?”


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