Intercourse Effects on Root and Sacral Chakras


Intercourse is the act of the male phallus entering a woman’s vagina, usually with repeated thrusting and pounding. The man is active. The woman is receptive, by definition: she receives his body, his movements into her. She may be responsive, but she is ultimately the passive player in this act. Even when she is on top of the male, guiding the rhythm of the process, she is receiving him. He is inside her, not the other way around. The boundary of her flesh is crossed, not his. It is an altogether unique metaphysical experience to be the woman in intercourse, rather than the man. His experience is unique to his anatomy as well, but that is not the point of this text, so I’ll focus on the female, on us.
We, as woman, receive the male phallus into our womb, and he occupies space within our bodies. While there, the pointed part of his body hits against our vaginal walls, usually as deep as the penis can be pushed, and then there it repeatedly pushes up against the cervix. This may be a slow repetitive action, or a fast one. It may be done with light force or extreme force. But it is done with force—with a power of active initiative and assertion—to the woman. When on top, she is actively penetrated by the male on her own terms, but she is penetrated nonetheless. Whatever her position, he is within her, and her root chakra is physically and metaphysically penetrated. Her sacral, or 2nd chakra, is also influenced by this act.

This is an experience unique to the female, to us. The male does not experience having his 1st and 2nd chakra penetrated and pounded on by a creature with an outside will. If he is ever penetrated at all in his life, which is rare, it is usually done by another male, and this experience is implicitly understood even by males themselves to confer submission, a lower status. Why? That’s a can of worms, but let’s stick to us for now.

For females, this is always our experience in intercourse.
At this location on our bodies, the root and sacral chakras have implications for our spiritual balance. The root, the chakra most directly effected by intercourse, is the area where our feelings of being grounded reside, our survival instincts, stability, food, trust, and security. The next chakra up, very closely effected by intercourse, is the sacral chakra, which regulates feelings of self-worth, emotions, creativity, sexuality, guilt, fear, and anger.

The world over, the root and sacral chakra of women is pounded on a fairly regular basis. Pairing us off with husbands in heterosexual relationships ensures that this will be a recurring theme in our lives. Though the physical experience may create biological feelings of arousal or ecstasy, so does heroine use. The true nature is destructive to our life force, our strength. We are physically colonized, and our power center is compromised. Paired off with males in heterosexual coupling, we are expected by him and all of society to accept this action done to our bodies. We are told by all that this activity is enjoyable and naturalPreviously, intercourse was considered an act that women did not like. This is why it is considered by many to be a prize that a woman can offer a man for certain behavior and why women often revoke this allowance in order to control men. This entire dynamic centers around the basic idea that men are wild with desire for intercourse, and women are more or less apathetic about it, able to take it or leave it depending on the situation. More recently, it has been considered a cornerstone of women’s emancipation that we are viewed as active players in intercourse with a sexual appetite of our own.

This makes no sense.

Men wanted intercourse from women, and women did not want to give men intercourse. Think Lilith in the garden of Eden.
As a result, women have now been liberated so that we can have lots of intercourse with men, and it’s touted as our idea.
This makes no sense.
As a sociopath once said to me, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? We tricked all you women. And how can we ever respect you when you cannot see what we have done. We figured out how to make you give us more sex and think it is your idea. Stupid bitches.”
The idea going forth is that the solution to unwanted pressure to have intercourse is to want intercourse.
Whether we want to or not, we as women will be penetrated, nearly every single one of us. If it’s not through incest or rape, it may be because we want children and are told the only way to accomplish this is to let a man inside our bodies. It may be because we seek love and men give us what they call love when we let them inside of our bodies. If not love, just about anything a woman could want that a man has can be acquired through allowing him entrance into our bodies. In a culture where men have institutional power, the playing field is set up so that he will always have more than we do, and very often he will have something we need, whether it be status, physical size (to offer protection), a higher rate of pay hence more financial stability, and sperm for producing children, etc etc forever. What he asks of us is that we allow our root and sacral chakra to be pounded in exchange.
Yet the root chakra is the home of survival. Food, shelter, and security reside there. The sacral chakra is where we find our self-worth.
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Are we made into submissives through the act of his physical domination of our aura and spiritual balance, or do we allow him to do this because we are already made submissive through material structural oppression? Both.
Historically speaking, at the time when patriarchy took hold, approximately 6,000 years ago, women were subjugated through rape which overlapped with marriage. Women became the physical property of males, but it was through forced penetration that the real dominance took hold.
Men know what they are doing.
Rape is not about sex.
It is about domination.
Intercourse is also about domination, but it’s been linked with “love” the way “this hurts me as much as it hurts you, because I love you” usually precedes violent disciplinary action.
Penetration itself is an assault on the root and sacral chakra, and through this activity, he throws our spiritual balance off course. We lose our sense of connectedness to the Earth and sense of worth. This makes us prime candidates for oppression and control. Of all chakras to attack, the root and sacral are the literal omegas of our sense of being and confidence; they correspond most tangibly to a feeling of existing at all. In other words, if you wanted to destroy a person’s ability to rebel, to resist, or to confidently stand up for themselves and love themselves, these are the two chakras you’d aim for. If you wanted to make a person feel disconnected from her body, these are the chakras you’d want to destroy. If you wanted to make a person feel worthless and too tired to care about that feeling, this is where you’d hit. If you wanted to make someone afraid and guilt-ridden, this is where you’d pound. If you wanted to suffocate someone’s anger, the root chakra is where you should focus your intent. The parasitic obsession with penetration (see pornography everywhere 101) is an obsession with the power to destroy the very essence of a human being literally at her core. If you wanted to obliterate a human being to the degree that she becomes a fragmented, disjointed, dissociative, passive, acquiescing, stumbling shell of a person who feels like an alien in her own skin, these are the two chakras you’d need to hit the hardest.

The path out is to deny him access to our spiritual, metaphysical, and bodily center. Refuse to let him enter our space. Require the boundaries of our body to remain fully intact, uncompromised, just like his always are. He, the dominant, does not experience occupation or penetration of these chakras. It is no coincidence that he also runs the world.

Since losing my virginity, I have always secretly looked at sex as damaging to a woman’s spirit. You ever noticed how revived a man is after sex, and how exhausted and depleted you as a woman are? I have yet to find a way to combat this form of energy vampirism, outside of celibacy. I love my bf, but he is a sexaholic, and it’s hard to handle at times. I love sexual expression, but the physical & spiritual compromise that comes along with it is just too much! I may have to start wearing womb protection/waist beads or something…


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