A comic (relevant to magick, perhaps?)


Magick does not happen by accident, or, uh, “magically.” At the very least (aside from natural abilities) every intentional and aware act is an act of magick.

Every person who has no interest in magick whatsoever likes to ask me if I have supernatural powers, implying that pursuing such powers is the whole point of magick, and challenging me to convince them by wowing them enough. That’s not how it works – it simply wouldn’t, as it would be self-defeating.

I feel like I am going to be reading the very long Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky for a while yet, and right now in my reading Blavatsky is talking about the spiritualist seances and “supernatural” (or “paranormal”) sessions in which miraculous things have happened and the skeptics who came to observe (or didn’t even come to observe at all) still chalk it up to elaborate hoaxing, because what they saw and the explanations that were given did not fit their worldview (empirical, or Christian, they’re not so different here).  Nobody is obliged to be convinced even with proof, certainly – but I think it’s pretty damn disingenuous when you pretend you can be convinced and insist on confirmation bias. That’s not a search for truth, that’s an agenda with ulterior motives.

There’s a reason why this knowledge is kept secret and not just given out to anyone – it can be dangerous and abused, and like many things requires responsibility and serious study – which many people are not willing to get into. Sometimes you even have people willing to do some work but not for it’s own sake, like this guy:

“No “great work” BS for me. I got involved in the occult for three reasons: to gain power, to make money and to get laid. I’ve gained all three over the years. Had some great women, killer paying jobs and have been able to kick some ass when needed. When it comes to ass kicking I still prefer beating the fuck outta the asshats who deserve it but sometimes you can’t get to the asshat so you JuJu them. it’s not nearly as satisfying as sending them to the hospital with broken bones, a smashed in skull and bloody entrails hanging out but these days the only way to be legally allowed to do that is sell out and become a police officer. I’m too set in my ways to be a cop.”

All the jokes from dudes like him about Christians wanting to score “brownie points” for the afterlife seem pretty lame in comparison. I’m reminded of what Lady Babalon said in Goetia Magick: Conjuring Spirits of Taurus:

Angels and spirits are oftentimes considered to be best evoked under particular time frames. That being said, today’s episode will be concerning ourselves with the 6 spirits which may be evoked during the time the sun is in Taurus. […] Remember, the spirits of the Goetia are not benign and are limited in the scope of ability. Which means many people think that you can just conjure a spirit and fix everything. That is not true. […] Remember King Solomon devised the design of the temple and had the Goetia spirits do the hard labor and the manual labor or attract it and use it. So people that are interested in evoking the spirits for foolish reasons should disabuse themselves of that folly.”

As the wonderful Aleister Crowley put forth as the Master Therion in MITP, it was much easier to get a job and get a paycheck than it is to do magick properly to get the same results. Magick is not the last-ditch effort to make up for the ridiculous decisions you have made in your life that put you at a disadvantage. You really want to evoke the spirits cautiously and from a standpoint of power. And then and only then will you have any chance of getting a Goetia spirit to do your bidding.”

Minor problem: I wanted certain things to last indefinitely; however, my own true desires had been fulfilled. And since Beleth is a love spirit and has a great power, he can maybe somewhat bring a person into your life. But say you decide you just no longer love this person you’re in a relationship with even after all the love is gone. I guarantee this person themself also will be gone once you had your fill of Beleth and what he can bring. So I highly caution those of you who are listening right now to never use the Goetia spirits for love and sexual reasons. There’s a lot more damage and heartache and upset than you might ever realize. So again, live by the sword, die by the sword. That which you get by the procurement of people into your life by use of the spirits, those same people will disappear and there will be nothing you can do about it.”

And this quote:

“People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.”
– James Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain


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2 Responses to A comic (relevant to magick, perhaps?)

  1. Miep says:

    I see it sometimes as a conversation in another language. It does not strike me at all as being about control, more like mutual influence.

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