10/3 update




The above pictures are of my temple cabinet. Inside goes some statuettes, incense, a compass, Liber AL vel Legis, and weapons when not in use. On the top I have an incense holder, a candle, consecrated water and Abramelin oil. Cover it with a long cloth and nobody will be the wiser, if you live with curious people or have company coming over. Believe it or not, the color isn’t black but 2 coats of a very dark brown.

These were taken right after I first made it. Well, I helped out to make it. My roommate at the time put together the cabinet and I sanded it down, painted and designed it. I used a dremel for the unicursal hexagram and then painted on the inside. Now that it’s getting beaten up on the edges I may roll with it and go for the distressed look, but eventually I’ll replace it with a better one that has higher-quality wood and can stand being moved around. 

Although I’m not on board with the anti-vaxx stuff, I see where she’s coming from regarding fluoride and heavy metal toxicity. How is this relevant to magick? By detoxifying your pineal gland you improve your psychic abilities.  Methods (to replace the regular toxic products she suggests) are: using a natural toothpaste without fluoride, also deodorant (you can even make your own – one recipe is here), getting reverse-osmosis or filtered water. It would be interesting to know of anyone who has done this and is a magical practitioner. (Actually, I know a guy who is into this holistic stuff and has removed most of the mercury poisoning in his body but he also has Lyme disease which gives him recurring bouts of fatigue). I know, essential oils can be pricey and resorting to buying water instead of getting it from the tap is one more thing on the grocery list. People who are well-off and don’t have to work don’t have to worry about this but most of us do and are on a budget (and I side-eye anyone who thinks the privilege of wealth and class is a sign of success and worth).

How to do a candle spell properly: this takes a little more effort than simply lighting a candle for someone. And if you are doing a healing spell it will drain you; you are sending emotional energy and beneficial thought-forms to surround the person. All that inertia is why some people say you can’t simply turn around and hex the same person on a whim. You also need a photo of them if you are not very familiar with their face, or something that belongs to them.


I did a limpia (egg cleansing) spell for myself and several Tarot readings. Neither form of divination are my favorite study (astrology is) but both were accurate enough.


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