What is an egregore? (various)

“An egregore is a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose. Whenever people gather together to do something and egregore is formed, but unless an attempt is made to maintain it deliberately it will dissipate rather quickly. However if the people wish to maintain it and know the techniques of how to do so, the egregore will continue to grow in strength and can last for centuries.

An egregore has the characteristic of having an effectiveness greater than the mere sum of its individual members. It continuously interacts with its members, influencing them and being influenced by them. The interaction works positively by stimulating and assisting its members but only as long as they behave and act in line with its original aim. It will stimulate both individually and collectively all those faculties in the group which will permit the realization of the objectives of its original program. If this process is continued a long time the egregore will take on a kind of life of its own, and can become so strong that even if all its members should die, it would continue to exist on the inner dimensions and can be contacted even centuries later by a group of people prepared to live the lives of the original founders, particularly if they are willing to provide the initial input of energy to get it going again.

If the egregore is concerned with spiritual or esoteric activities its influence will be even greater. People who discover the keys can tap in on a powerful egregore representing, for example, a spiritual or esoteric tradition, will, if they follow the line described above by activating and maintaining such an egregore, obtain access to the abilities, knowledge, and drive of all that has been accumulated in that egregore since its beginnings. A group or order which manages to do this can, with a clear conscience, claim to be an authentic order of the tradition represented by that egregore. In my view this is the only yardstick by which a genuine Templar order should be measured.”

– “The Templar Tradition: yesterday and today,” Gaetan Delaforgem

Watchers, thought-form entities created by visualization, ritual and such. They come in collective groups. They are somewhat like angels, except that they are relatively mindless and quite willing to follow orders. Some ufos may be egregores.”

– EE Rehmus’ Magician’s Dictionary

“A second significant reason for insisting on this point is the subject of the egregores. What is an egregore? It is the psychic and astral entity of a group. All members of a group, a family, a club, a political party, a religion or even a country, are psychically included in the egregore of the organization to which they belong. Of course, each of us belongs to several egregores at once. Therefore, each individual who is involved in a group receives the influences of the egregores, that is the astral counterpart of the group, in his psyche. This process is unconscious. The resulting drawbacks are, first, some perturbating psychic influences in the majority of cases, and second, a restriction of inner freedom. It is impossible to free oneself from certain egregores, for example the egregores of the country you live in. However, we should free ourselves from all egregores which are not essential. An egregore actually grows by drawing support from the members which constitute it who, in turn, through their repeated actions vivify it, somehow helping it to maintain its power. For a beginner, this is where the danger lies, all the more because of the tendency of man to seek protection, the price of which is often a loss of freedom. We should emphasize here that the association the Philosophers of Nature does not perform any group ritual in order to reduce the influence of its egregore to a minimum.”

– http://www.mcs.net/~alchemy/eso_1.html

“The term egregore is derived from a Greek word meaning “to be aware of” or “to watch over”. An egregore is commonly understood to be magical entity purposefully created by a group or order as an encapsulation of the group’s collective aspirations and ideals.”

“On the magical egregore,” Phil Hine

“A sub-variant of the artificial elemental is the egregore. This is an artificial elemental that, projected in the astral, is adopted by other magicians (or other human beings in general) as a focus of imagination and of will, and grows in power from generation to generation. The astral images of the “gods” of men are always egregores. They are the egregores that are manifested in that mystical experience which the Hindus call Dhyana. Egregores are always connected to the religion we grew up in, or with the culture into whose values we were conditioned. Mystics that are left blind by these images come to dynamize them with their energy. Many egregores, reaching a certain level of concentration of force, become vampires.

Such cases should be differentiated from true vampirism: the egregore does not “intend” to vampirize, because the egregore does not have its own will. When we are vampirized by an egregore, we become victims of our own psychic immaturity, of our own desire for a “secure refuge” for our existence. The case is similar to that of the fabled cat that licked lime only to enjoy feeling the pleasure of its own blood. No cat is so stupid in real life! But many human beings are. Masturbation (masculine as well as feminine) is not provoked by egregores, that are normally fed by our devotional energy; but if the masturbatory act takes an egregore as a center of concentration of the mind, this energy can also be absorbed by the automaton, that thus expands its existence into other planes, and becomes even more dangerous. Ritual sacrifices of animals or human beings have exactly the same effect. In this sense, especially, all mankind has the religion that it deserves, and its “god” is made in its own image.”

– Marcelo Motta, Astral Attack & Defense


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