A hoodoo cleansing incense

There is a nice hoodoo cleansing incense which I found here:

As you know, different kinds of incense are used for various rituals. They not only help you to focus with the scent, but serve as a small sacrifice (instead of blood) for spirits to aid you; tree resin, for example, is like the “blood” of a tree. I typically use frankincense because it is associated with Sol (the sun) and i do a solar adoration at least twice a day (sunrise and sunset) followed up right after with a banishing (to strengthen the aura) and an invocation (the invocation is also solar/Leonine in nature). Another ritual space cleansing idea I found was an aspergillum (typically for Greek and Wiccan rituals but also Catholic) which uses mint rosemary and marjoram but the method is not clear (i think after fastening them to a branch either letting them soak in the water and then sprinkling the water from the bowl itself or dipping them and then using the water from them to sprinkle around).

Out of curiousity I have looked up the attributions of the herbs used in the incense below and here they are:

rue — for banishing and breaking curses (also an abortifacient, which makes sense: you are getting rid of something you don’t want!)
frankincense – solar, brings harmony
hyssop – fire, purification/protection
sandalwood – lunar, exorcism
camphor – lunar, health/healing (noxious odor and irritant, slight antiseptic)

It is interesting to note that while certain lunar deities and incenses can be used for invoking cthonic spirits other lunar deities and incenses can be used to banish them. This must likewise be relevant to the “double-edged sword” dictum of magic(k): if you fuck up a spell or ritual you will have the opposite effect of what you intended. Also, since any psychic attacks happen after sunset until sunrise (during the night) the herbs will necessarily be lunar regardless of whether their purpose is to invoke or banish. And for this reason too I think such an incense would be perfect for lunar exorcisms.

I will update this once I am able to get this stuff together and try it!

Sources: Liber 777, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs


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