Matriarchies existed (and still exist!)

From my other blog. There are 2 views that matriarchy opposers commonly take: 1.) That matriarchies never existed, and 2.) That no matriarchies exist today. The first one supports the “patriarchy is a normal and natural way of life” view and the second allows them to inaccurately theorize that matriarchies were “just as bad” or were really “female supremacist” and “primitive,” that all matriarchies are the same and other such nonsense (i.e., that it was patriarchy that brought “real” civilization and progress). Additionally, some anthropologists will either say that matriarchal societies are really patriarchal or vice-versa, presenting no room to consider that there is any overlap and it must be either/or.

Your social constructs are showing

Men have got to stop making it so easy for me to pick apart their bullshit arguments if they don’t want to look like a complete ignoramus. I like to think there’s a lot of things I still have to learn but matriarchy? How do you not know this? Or is this the only book you read about it, dude?

Reply to Thomas Fulton’s review of The Chalice and the Blade:

“It is possible that the problem with western society is not that it has a male image of divinity but that it has a one-sided, gender-specific image of divinity.”

Funny, because these are exact the same thing. The one-sidedness we are experiencing IS a male image of deity. In fact, it is a complete reversal where instead of acknowledging the creative, life-giving powers of females and their ability to give birth, these were attributed to males, and…

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