Speaking As Woman (various)

Articles on the issues of social justice and marginalization:

“Most of the time we aren’t fielding rape and death threats. What we deal with mostly is an immediate attack on the substance of what we say. That reads like engagement – after all men in the magical communities construct quite a bit of conversation as a form of sparring. This engagement becomes attack when:

  1. it persists, not breaking off when requested;
  2. it shifts over time, labeling whatever the woman says as inaccurate.

The end result is that the woman goes silent to end the engagement. Which is the point.”

— Brandy Williams | Speaking As Woman Online

“I am so sick and tired of pretending it’s “people” who do this on the regular when the truth is that it’s men who do this on the regular, and knowing that if I point this out, that if I dare to utter the word “men” without some kind of qualifier that paints them in the glorious light to which so many of them feel entitled by birthright, that I will be marginalized, ignored, rape-threatened, and/or labeled a man-hater.

I am sick and tired of men who lack the empathy to understand that my experience in this world as a woman is not the same as theirs. Of men who lack the ability to understand that speaking about my experience as a woman does not, in any way shape fashion form or wildest dream, detract from their experience in this world as men. I do not want to invalidate your experience, dude. All I want to do is talk about mine. May I please have five fucking minutes to do so?[…]

I am sick and tired of these men assuming that they just need to explain things to me and everyone else born with a vagina. That they know better than me because they somehow have the ownership rights to the concept of “reason”, and that all I have in my corner is emotion. As if emotion is useless, that it somehow precludes reason and renders it as impotent as the thought process that drives these assumptions.”

— Cupid Is Burning | A Rant. Because otherwise I will hit things.

I’m so sick of seeing men who fancy themselves “spiritual” shaming women who so much as speak about themselves and their experiences. I’m sick of seeing men making passive aggressive statements about the egotistical nature of women who are publicly proud of their accomplishments. They are so trapped by their own egos, ironically, that they cannot comprehend a group of people may have different spiritual needs than them. They make fun of us for exploring goddesses and a perspective of the divine that empowers us instead of teaching us to be humble. Are we not humble enough? How many of us apologized to our rapist after he claimed our body as his to take? They cannot understand how righteous anger can be a high vibration when they were taught their anger is a birthright. They speak of Oneness before they even learn to have solidarity with us, and I have no patience for it. It makes sense to me that many men would benefit from a spirituality movement that involves dissolving the self-appreciating side of themselves which they were socialized into, but when they use these ideas to silence and shame women, I recognize misogyny and hypocrisy. They dare speak down to us just as every other man because they are on a different path than us, and falsely claim that we are the ones who need to get over ourselves. Yet, they do not participate in absurd rituals of apologizing for their thoughts and the space they take up, modifying their bodies despite the ill effects because it’s what’s expected of them, hiding their emotions so that they do not make others uncomfortable. They do not have empathy for their abusers before they feel rage. They do not say sorry to their rapist. Men simply do not have the right to tell us, as women, that how we learn to relate to the Divine is wrong. I advocate for us who are seeking a spiritual understanding outside of established religions to organize together. I fully support groups who completely exclude men. Women have the right to explore without being patronized by the patriarchy, end of story.

When I say that I want a separate space for marginalized groups within paganism, I’m not just talking about PoC (Pagans of Color), I’m also talking about groups that don’t normally get lots of exposure or attention.  The second generation, the older women, the young women learning their sexuality, the men who want to explore in safe space the feminine within (dressing, acting, taking up roles traditionally considered female and not allowed or accessible in normative society), the Christo-pagans who have a need for sanctuary to practice their particular faith without getting the side-eye from ‘true Pagans’…  All those voices and experiences deserve a space they can carve out and call their own to feel safe, not just from the rest of a ‘con or gathering, but from themselves.  It’s not about self-segregating, it’s about self-care.”

— Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir | Things I Wish White Pagans Realized


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