Dreaming rituals

This is briefly mentioned in my (forthcoming) post commenting on the Star Ruby ritual (Commentaries on the Rituals, part 3). However, I think it is one method of ensuring a magickian – instead of simply waiting for it to happen after a certain period of time – will retain the power of the force of habit and the ingraining of the ritual into their subconscious; yea, instilling life into mythology and ever-keeping the mystery of knowledge.

Preferably you should be sleepy and/or slightly buzzed from weed – not so sleepy that you’ll have a hard time staying conscious – but whatever you do don’t take alcohol, because it makes dreaming difficult if not impossible. As in, you’re not in the mood to do your rituals standing up and moving around physically, and are preferably close to the time you normally sleep or have briefly woken up lest you oversleep your ritual schedule. You will be doing them in a slightly altered state of consciousness. You will also want to anoint yourself with Abramelin oil and/or witch’s flying ointment. For Thelemites, we always use Abramelin oil for rituals  to consecrate oneself (“there is no part of me that is not of the gods”) and one’s aspiration in accordance with Will; hence all acts done are holy.

Now, lying down in your bed, close your eyes and imagine your temple in the astral light as you have formulated it, with yourself in it (whether your temple is your physical temple or one you made up). Do your usual rituals. Except while your eyes are still closed, speak the words out loud, vibrating the phrases or at least the names; alternately you can chant or sing if that’s how you have been doing it. If you have already practiced them regularly for at least 3 months (enough time for the Moon to orbit the earth completely) in which time you’ll have achieved some manner of results, this will seem very easy, almost like sleepwalking. Note also you should have already been keeping a regular dream journal and into the habit of remembering your dreams; obviously if you can’t remember them, this will be a drawback.

Finish in the Sign of Silence or however you end, close your temple, and now you can shed that last remainder of consciousness and fall to sleep. You will dream of yourself (almost consciously) doing a ritual. Maybe you feel you are reacting in your dream via your actual, physical body. You may also hear yourself speak (if the ritual or gesture is verbal, or vocalized). When you wake up, write everything down when your memory is still fresh; don’t leave anything out. Which ritual or gesture was it? Was there a surrounding dream or theme going on? If so, what was it?

That’s all.

I attribute this to the Three of Disks which is about works. This is opposed to the Five of Disks which is “worry” and takes the form of being unable to sleep fully due to dreaming of/imagining a disaster or the thing worried about, and preventing one from realizing their goals. Both of these of course deal with Earth and as minor arcana they do not deal with major themes but supplement them. “Worry” is described as the thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid potential threats. This also makes sense because rituals are protective/cleansing and empowering. However, ‘negative’ in the occult sense is also attributed to Earth as dark, receptive/feminine, nurturing, fertile, and passive.

What can you do with this ability? You will be able to have some control over your dreams which can overlap with instances where you astrally project. For example, you may come across vampiric entities and automatically banish them.


The paratheatrical dreaming ritual: A non-interpretive kinetic dreamworking – The ritual of calling lucid dreams


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