Methods of creating a sigil

– The Rose Cross Method: This is a Golden Dawn method. I do not recommend it if you need to create a special sigil for a magickal weapon, due to the lack of originality.

– Magick from Scratch (Traditional Spare Method): This differs from the last by removing repeating letters and then rearranging the remaining ones.

– Magick Squares: Planetary or

Number squares

– Darkest of Lights and elsewhere: This is a four-step method in which you remove the repeating letters and simplify the remaining ones into basic shapes.

– A variation on the last, which involves removing vowels and repeating letters, then mashing the remaining letters into a glyph. Both recommend creating a sigil until you find one that pleases you, and that is not too hard to memorize. I’ve tested this (with my own magickal motto) and it’s true – a sigil that pleases works much better! Practice makes perfect.

The last step is to charge it by meditating on it. By rearranging the letters into a sigil you make it a mystery, so it is natural to forget the original intent. Words do not have any meaning by themselves except by association and images ingrain themselves into the subconscious much more easily than words do. The sigil is not merely stating your desire, but describing it on an unconscious emotional level (linked to your desire-body) – rather than simply representing it as common symbols do – and after charging it, it will be your “psychopompos” or messenger of sorts, imbued with the message. You can bury it once you have firmly remembered the image of the sigil, or embed it into something you will be giving out for its intended purpose. Once the goal has been accomplished, destroy it.

With either one of these methods you can change the remaining letters to those of another alphabet, as illustrated here.

This method that involves a letter chart.

These are probably the most common or traditional. There is even a computer program here.

Several others are listed here such as:

– Variation on the Spare method

– Array + Spare method

– Aiq Baqar

– Notarikon

– The Alphabet of Desire, another Chaos method

– Atbash/Temurah/Tziruph

– Fusing Images

– Gematria

– Textual Derivations




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