Fascinating Female Occultists

When looking up Jane Roberts’ Seth material, I found the Tenets of Seth and The Nature of Personal Reality. Interesting reads.

I generally enjoy Blavatsky, but Moina Mathers was a known enemy of Dion Fortune who tried to stop her from publishing.

In the part about Leila Waddell, it’s very true that Crowley treated his lovers as muses. The ongoing practice of male magicians treating female ones as muses without any personal power in their own right is an issue which Brandy Williams complained about.

Here was a great comment on the article:

“Saying a woman is “the author of a seminal text” always stops me from reading further. I’ve even seen women’s writing praised as “seminal” used in talking about women’s rights or women being abused by men. Isn’t there a better word to use to praise a woman’s writing? Or is “seminal” the highest compliment imaginable?”

– J.J. McGrath

A comment which I agree with, and it turns out the “seminal” label is not a one-off! Reading about Samuel Aun Weor quoted from his writings on masturbation, incubi and succubi, he too referred to female sexual fluid as “seminal.” WTF!


Counterculture icon and essential figure in the early postwar Los Angeles art scene, Marjorie Cameron is the subject of an upcoming retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman opens October 11 and will feature over 90 artworks and ephemeral artifacts, including correspondence with husband and occult mentor, the engineer and Thelemite Jack Parsons. “Her hallucinated vision, at the edge of surrealism and psychedelia embodies an aspect of modernity that deeply doubts and defies Cartesian logic at a moment in history when these values have shown their own limitations. Her work demonstrates that the space in the mind is without limit,” states MOCA Director Philippe Vergne. The exhibition offers a rare look at the life and work of a female occult practitioner — too frequently depicted as mere muse or lunatic, even though female-centric mysticism has existed for thousands of years. Here…

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