Face-shifting abusive men

This is from a private blog, so I am sharing the snippets I asked permission for from the author, a sister radical feminist. Also here is my comment regarding this phenomena:

“I have seen what you described, once in my life. Not sure how I could do it again. As it went, I looked at people and saw a huge hole where their mouth was. I don’t buy the reptilian conspiracy thing, though. Some people want to believe in them (or aliens) and even call them the Annunaki (cf. Melissa Swaim’s book Dividing Dark) ’cause for some reason they need to have some higher race of beings watching over humanity, or whatever (like God…hmm). I remember reading somewhere that abusers’ faces will change and look demonic, if only I could remember the source.[…]

In the book I gave you the link for [Astral Attack & Defense] it states that elementals can take human form. i have read elsewhere that djinn can also take human form, but not on a permanent basis.

I can see the ether, but it takes some focus to see people’s auras and I don’t see them in colors like some psychics say they do – just a transparent thin layer of light above the skin. Likewise I suspect to see men’s “true selves” would take work. Perhaps I am very used to being around abusive people that I’d rather just avoid them altogether.”

Now here are the snippets from her blog entry. As a result we have had a great discussion – like her telling me the light I am seeing close to people’s skin is their etheric double, not their aura – and exchanged some recommendations of reading materials. I have added them (books by Annie Besant and Arthur Powell in PDF) to the Resources page. Looking back on this now it’s really about looking at men’s faces to see their true natures. Their faces unconsciously shift. However, it takes someone involved in witchcraft in order to be able to consciously shapeshift in the astral, and by ‘shapeshift’ I mean shifting their whole astral bodies.

“…not only have I seen men shift, I can, also, sometimes clairvoyantly hear their inner monologues.  I can, at times, hear other people’s inner monologue’s, as well, and if I look into people’s eyes very closely during a conversation, I can get information about them. It doesn’t work all the time, though.

My theory is that it’s something I developed as a personal warning system. Like I said, though, it doesn’t work all the time. And, sometimes it’s too late to do anything about it, anyway, so it’s useless information. For instance, in a situation a few years ago, I was attacked by men who literally came out of the descending twilight to attack me, abduct me and hold me at gunpoint while they did some other things. I knew what they were before I could see their faces because their eyes were glowing red. But, it was too late to do anything, but try to survive. It happened really fast.

The first time I saw the shape-shifting – and there are different things that I see, it’s not the same all the time – I was having a sandwich made in a little restaurant that my mom and I stopped into. The guy behind the counter took one direct look at me before I even placed my order. We were just sort of standing at the back at this little shop. He looked directly at me and I saw his face shift into something really horrible. I wouldn’t call it reptilian, but it was not human. I’ve always thought of these things as being demonic.

Now, two things I should state. I never was a drinker (I imbibe occasionally now in the safety of my own home) and I didn’t do drugs of any kind. I was a dancer – and I know what people think about us, and, in fact, about all of us in the nightclub biz – so, it’s especially important, I suppose, that I state this up front. Also,  I am an atheist. I don’t believe in God or gods.

But, the thing  I saw looked demonic. I wouldn’t say so much reptilian, but simply demonic.

In this first incident, when I saw the  man’s face shift, I also clairaudiently heard a warning, “Murderer! Murderer!”

My mom and I had an hour drive back home and I shook like a leaf the whole way. She only had a bad feeling about the guy. This is a pattern that would repeat – I would see something very distinct and she would just have a bad feeling about the person. But, most of the time I saw these things I have been entirely alone with no other witnesses.

I’ve had numerous other incidents with these things, which, at first, look like ordinary men, then shift into something hideous – sometimes alien-looking, but always demonic. They usually look like the old woodcuts from books on the subject of witchcraft and, at least, one of them looked a lot like the demonic thing in the painting in the above, left-hand corner of this article, which is called “Nightmare.”

In fact, I was dating a guy who shifted like this, full form, right in front of me. I remember that I was leaving for work and he was lying on the bed watching television. I looked up as I was putting on my shoes and he had shifted full-form because he was naked, I suppose, into something that looked like the nightmare creature in the painting. I remember shaking my head and literally saying, “I did not see that,” because I didn’t want to know what he was. What he turned out to be, by the way, was a stalker with a wife and three children and two passports giving two different ages, who I would soon learn had artfully lied to me about every imaginable aspect of his life.

According to Icke, whose books I discovered years after my first incident, the reptilian form is their physical form, but spiritually they are demonic.

As I said, I’ve never seen anything reptilian, per se. But, I’ve seen a lot of other things and I’ve devised my own theories about what I’m seeing, based on the the work of the 1st and 2nd wave Theosophists.

This is a quote from Annie Besant in her book, “The  Ancient Wisdom”:  “No man can be a hypocrite in the astral world, and cloak foul thoughts with a veil of virtuous seeming ; whatever a man is that he appears to be in outward form and semblance, radiant in beauty if his mind be noble, repulsive in hideousness if his nature be foul.”

Now, let me say, I have seen little of anything noble. If I’m thinking about it and looking just right, I can see people’s auras. Good, healthy ones look like rainbow colored lights, with similar rainbow-like iridescence, and I usually see them around the heads of basically good people, who are not killers and rapists – and let me be specific when I say “people” – I mean women. I’ve only seen good auras with colors like yellow and pink – intellect and love, respectively – surrounding women.

But, there are other types of auras, the Theosophists tell us, and the kind I have seen more often, almost always surrounding men, with a rare exception, is what I describe as a “big, black hole,” because the person appears to be standing in a black energetic void when I see them.  From what I can gather from reading Theosophical literature, this is the person’s aura.

At other times I don’t see an aura or a black void, but I see what appears to be the physical body shift from one form to another. According to the Theosophists, the auric body feeds the etheric double, which is the energy imprint of a person’s physical form. The etheric double looks like the person and is responsible for sightings of such things as ghosts and dopplegangers.  The etheric double is an energetic bridge, feeding the emotional energy of the aura to the physical body and it is difficult to ascertain if it is more of a dense physical nature or of a subtler nature more like the aura.

As a healer, I work with both the auric field and the etheric double and I see them as two distinct things. It is possible, say when you have an injury, to directly influence the injured area by means of the mind (and a lot of focused concentration, which you can learn simply by doing and practicing) to alter the body and repair the injury, sometimes very quickly by focusing on the etheric body. For instance, in the case of minor burn or a bump or bruise where you have something that doesn’t feel right inside the tissue. When you change something in the etheric body (etheric double or etheric field), then changes in the dense physical body follow very quickly, not only is pain relieved, but there are visible changes.

So, it seems to me that it is possible, by the power of the mind, for me to either perceive these changes in men’s bodies with my clairvoyance or for the shapeshifters to make such changes. Although, the shifting always appears to be accidental. They don’t know they’ve shifted and since the first time I saw a man’s face shift, I got really good at keeping a stupid smile plastered on my face, so they don’t know that I know they’ve shifted. Sometimes, they keep smiling too – hideously! – until they shift back into ordinary everyday human perverts.

By the way, I saw a lot of shifting going on when I was working in the night clubs. I began to guess that maybe alcohol consumption or maybe drug use caused men to lose more than their inhibitions, but to lose some of their human-appearing form. They, also, seem to lose form when they are angry or lustful or possibly sexually aroused. […]

So, I’ve been thinking a little bit recently about what is going on here.  I recently re-read some of A.E. Powell’s book, “The Causal Body,” which describes in Theosophical terms how human beings come into existence in the physical world. Before the astral body is formed, the causal body exists. The causal body is the vehicle for the soul or the ego (ego in Theosophical terms not Jungian or Freudian), meaning it is the individual as they truly are. If the causal body is of a sufficiently developed and high type, the spirit is able to incarnate as a human being. But, if the spirit is of a lower, less developed type, then the being manifests on the physical plane as something else (a cat, a dog, a bear, amoeba, etc.). […]

So, it may be that the shapeshifting men I’ve seen and men, in general,  are not “demonically possessed” so much as this is who they are.

In my evaluation, possession and obsession are much closer in nature.  Since there are other planes of existence, in particular, we would be concerned with the astral upon which exist spirits of a low nature, having departed this world or having never been here at all, it  may be that many people showing signs short of full-blown shifting are simply obsessed or possessed by such intelligences acting from the astral plane. Of course, this could be wrong and those men with glowing eyes and those standing in black holes could just be better at cloaking their true form, which is purely non-human. Although, it seems that something like possession or obsession exists because I’ve actually seen men who appear surrounded by “things” from another realm – what might be called evil spirits.

There are a lot of legendary stories about the human race being poisoned by evil.  In some stories it’s “angels,” often a code word in the occult for demons since demons and angels are essentially the same, who “take wives” or rape women. In other stories, it’s alien races from other planets who mixed with us. See this link for a bunch of stories: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/anunnaki/anu_41.htm

All I can tell you for sure is what I’ve seen. You may say, it was a hallucination, but I don’t think so.  I have way too many such sightings and sometimes incidents involving crime or violence, which are associated with my encounters. This is not a coincidence and it is no hallucination on my part.  Furthermore, I am not alone in having seen and experienced such things, but up until the event of the internet for communications and the relative anonymity it provides, there was no way for people to share these stories safely or effectively.  Nonetheless, I’ve talked to a lot of people – all women, many of them dancers, as well – who have seen them, too, and who have their own stories to tell.”



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