The true self, seat of love. (part 1/2)

“Love is a constellation of (personal, relational and social) values and moral principles which align our actions (behaviour, relations and social ethics) with the things and people that attract our true self.”

The Prime Directive

While certainly we cannot say that there is a center of selfhood somewhere in the brain, or that what we call our self is necessarily a perfectly coherent unit, we nevertheless all agree that there is such a thing as the self. I am a person with certain properties, and I can sometimes “not feel like myself,” for instance when using medical drugs.

I can also say that I may do things that are not “like me” in order to fulfill a social role. By doing so, I take on a mask by which other people may see me and, hopefully, respect me more. Most people’s lives consist of going from one mask to another, always hiding their “self,” which for the sake of preventing confusion we may call the “true self.” The only time when they can be “truly themselves,” if at all, is when sharing intimacy, which is…

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