Women Not Actually Human Beings, But Profound Metaphors

“Sources have reported that the entities formerly known as women are not actually members of the human species, but profound metaphysical metaphors who have transcended corporeal form, defying mortal understanding.

Esteemed womanologist Mike Richards said, “They’re not truly people, of flesh and blood like the rest of us, but higher concepts. They represent grand ideas, of humanity, of nature. They’re symbolic entities.”One woman was reportedly claimed to be “the vast and infinite space of the universe; the unknowable, unblinking void, consuming all that is, was, and will be.”Another, a source claims, is “the harsh and unyielding tide of the sea, swallowing legions whole, yet bringing unto man life.”

Many others are reported to be tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, galaxies, the blood flowing through your veins, and even nature itself, all of these, womanologist Richards reminds us, are symbolic metaphors, and that these “women” do not have personalities, lives, thoughts, or experiences, except for standing in for larger concepts.

These discoveries are in line with predictions made by many white male poets, who did not see women as people, but as glorified objects to be held on pedestals and idolized.

“Women are metaphors, not human beings,” said one such white male poet. “And they should be treated as such. Not as equals, not as fellow humans to interact with and know, but as unknowable abstracts to be worshiped and revered.”

— Women Not Actually Human Beings, But Profound Metaphors

The Wishwashington Post

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