The Helix and the Xiphoid

Witchcraft From Scratch

The xiphoid process is a small bit of cartilage that pokes out the end of your sternum. It gets harder as you get older.

Your sternum—not mine; I do not have one. Nor do two of my three children.

Missing a xiphoid process is a congenital oddity characterized by a visible “dent” in the chest. But it’s perfectly harmless—one will not die if tackled, wrestled, or punched; there is no threat of a death-fall from a low sofa. But it is kinda funny looking.

The word xiphoid means “sword-shaped” and it reminds me of the conversation I had over at The Bad Witch Files concerning the adoration of one’s “phalle.” Just like I have no xiphoid process, I also have no phalle:

One of the problems I have with the language we use to discuss female genitalia is that it truly serves to undermine our power as women…

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